Thursday 15 February 2024
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Philly Talks Trash: A Virtual Series on Waste
Join Weaver's Way and Philly Neighborhood Networks for a virtual discussion about waste in Philadelphia. "Philly Talks Trash: A Virtual Series on Waste" is a monthly online program intended to educate and inspire you to participate in the imperative shift towards this new paradigm of zero waste that will replace our throw away culture and help slow climate change." Programs include:

March 17 - Incineration:
Why Philly Needs to Stop Sending our Trash to Chester
April 21 - Growing Circular Reuse Models in Foodservice and Grocery
May 19 - Managing Food Waste at Home
June 16 - Litter and Dumping (Fugitive Waste)
July 21 - Philly's Trash and Recycling Crisis

The events are completely free to attend, so consider signing up to learn about and help spread possible solutions to reducing the city's waste!

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