Friday 16 April 2021

How To Choose A Truly Green Electric Supplier

How to choose a truly green electricity supplier in Pennsylvania

Did you know that 79% of Philly’s carbon emissions come from our buildings? Although you can’t totally change that number on your own, there’s one small step you can take for a big impact: Choosing a renewable energy supplier. But you have to cut through the noise because a lot of companies don’t show their true colors in their endless mailers or solicitations.

How do you actually know your energy provider is sustainable? How do you choose an energy supplier that matches your values? Join Green Philly for a special presentation by The Energy Co-op with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to learn:

  • How energy affects the city’s carbon footprint and climate change
  • What to look for in a sustainable electricity supplier
  • Insider tips about the energy industry & renewable electricity
  • How co-ops impact our local communities & other benefits of joining

Join us on Friday, April 16th at 12 PM:

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