Explore STEM Teaching


You’re walking out of school, excited, chatting with friends, laughing about what happened in your science class as you tried to knock out tiny drosophila for a few minutes while you check out their eye color…and then have that aha moment when you understand why you have brown eyes!  Ever wonder what your teacher did to make that lesson so engaging for you so that you not only had fun, but learned something about what makes you….you?  Ever wonder what kind of heart, mind and spirit it takes to shepherd a group of 30 students through a successful school year in which each of them end the year feeling good about who they are, what they know and how they can use what they know?  Well….maybe you would like to explore STEM teaching as a career!


Watch the video below to get an idea of why other young people chose to go into STEM teaching, get an idea of what drives their passion for learning and making a difference in the lives of people!  This could be YOU!

Want to know how to become a teacher in Pennsylvania? 

Check out the resources at the PA Department of Education. Here you will find a clear pathway to becoming a teacher in Pennsylvania.  You can also find information on various sites online like Best Colleges, but probably, the best way to find out how to become a STEM teacher in Pennsylvania is to talk to your career counselor in school or go directly to a specific college or university where you might like to get your bachelor’s degree…the first step on the credentialed pathway.  
We encourage you to explore the institutions of higher education that are part of the PRISE partnership.  Find out about our contacts at each of these schools and talk to them about what they have to offer you academically, socially and financially at their college or university!


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