• keeping track of class assignments
  • organizing assignments for grading.

As a teacher do you cringe when a student asks, “What did I miss last Thursday?”?   Or do you dread the student’s statement, “I KNOW I turned that assignment in, YOU LOST IT!”?

Part 1: Tracking each day
A teacher that is new to my building this year has turned me onto an organizational system that has really helped me keep my sanity! It takes only a few minutes each morning to fill in the two-page template shown here. Daily Tracking
When a student returns after an absence, I can quickly look through my completed template files and know exactly what content and homework assignments the student missed.

Part 2: Every Paper has a Home
I am a visual, science type so I like to organize by colors of the rainbow – ROYGBIV. But since I have only 5 classes, I just use Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. I take ordinary expanding file pockets, and attach colored paper.


Each of these colored folders is placed in a clear, open-top file box.



This fits nicely in a tote bag like the ones used for groceries.


When I collect papers from my classes, they go directly into the appropriately-colored location. The colors help make certain each goes with the correct class. Now when I leave my room for my prep or to go home for the evening, I have everything ready to go!

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